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Welcome to Teresópolis
Vila Sant Gallen

The village is home to different spaces St.Gallen; The Bistro 1912, the Library of the Abbey, Bierfest with games room on the mezzanine, the brewery with an option to visit, courses and even a gourmet meal and the village itself with a right to reply piece of the city of St. Gallen, Switzerland, with a chapel, gift shop, coffee shop, studio, an old...

(21) 2642-1575 | vilastgallen.com.br

Impressions: 69320 | Query: 18620

Granja Comary

Granja Comary - Comary Farm

The area has a landscape that cannot go without being photographed, as well as a big lake with the Organ Highland in the background. It is where the Brazilian National Soccer Team1s training camp is located.

Fonte: FC&VB - RJ

Impressions: 39116 | Query: 11522


Feira de Artesanato [Handicraft Fair] - FEIRARTE
The handicraft fair is in an open space, at Praça [Square] Higino da Silveira, every Saturday, Sunday and holiday. It gathers popular artists and craftsmen/women of the city.

Impressions: 39280 | Query: 11509

Teatro do SESC Teresópolis e SESC Cafe

(55 21) 2743-6959 | www.sescrj.com.br

Impressions: 39231 | Query: 10749

AABB (Associação Atlética do Banco do Brasil)

Maid Associação em August 31, 1976 Funcionários hairs do Banco do Brasil, 2 km from center da cidade do da ea 90km capital. Dispondo to house 11 suites (all with TV, minibar and TV out).

(55 21)2742-0182 | www.aabbteresopolis.com.br

Impressions: 40744 | Query: 10670

Museu Sobrado José Francisco Lippi

The Sobrado, which was the seat of an old farmhouse and its nineteenth century architecture houses historic iconographic collection and documentation of the origin of the village of Venda Nova, in the 3rd district of Teresópolis. In the space are also traded handicrafts and ornamental plants.

(55 21) 2644-7076

Impressions: 39290 | Query: 10578

Colina dos Mirantes

Gazebo Hill
It offers a panoramic view of the entire city of Teresópolis and group of mountains of Organ Highland.

Impressions: 39391 | Query: 10573

Cascata dos Amores

Cascata dos Amores [Waterfall of Love] A beutiful public bathing resort with a natural pool. Lovely panoramic view of the city.

Impressions: 39523 | Query: 10560

Palacete Granado (Sede Cultural do Sesc)

Granado Palace

In French style, a building in stone, cal and bricks, shingle roof, plank floor, with cellar where the rooms and a canteen are, and a large verandah on the upper floor of the house on teh right. Behind the building is a modern inn with swimming pool and sports court, in addition to a lovely theater with the capacity for 247...

Impressions: 39568 | Query: 10373


With more than 25 years in the market, AraBotanica comes with a new proposal. In addition to the championship orchids at the reference exhibitions in Brazil, it has a wide variety of ornamental plants for the public. There is also the Passeio das Flores, which is an ecological walk of 350 meters through the Atlantic forest; the Exhibition Pavilion ...

21- 3641-2985 | www.arabotanica.com.br

Impressions: 29001 | Query: 9627

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