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Where to Stay?

Welcome to Teresópolis
Hotel Fazenda Jecava

Hotel Fazenda JeCaVa was opened on 27/07/2003. The first guest was Milton Nascimento and his musicians then received global stars such as the cast of the soap opera "Chocolate com Pimenta", including some scenes recorded at the Hotel JeCaVa, and not stop there. We also received the cast of "Sinha Girl, One Heart, Eternal Magic and Forbidden Desire"...

21- 2741-4949 | www.hotelfazendajecava.com.br

Impressions: 37260 | Query: 10418

Hotel Fazenda Boa Vida

Pools (one heated and covered), soccer field, volleyball court, sauna, shower natural, farm animals, horses for children, own hydroponic greenhouses that provide freshly baked vegetables, shiatsu, lymphatic drainage and massage, games like geek, snooker and tennis and recreation for children and youth with morning walks complement leisure. hall

(21) 2641-0279 | www.hotelboavida.com.br

Impressions: 10201 | Query: 4784

Urikana Boutique Hotel

The area of ​​Urikana Boutique Hotel is located in the highlands of the Organ Mountains at an altitude of 1,000 m, in Possession, Teresopolis, Rio de Janeiro. We are 120 km of the River, 50 km from Petropolis (Imperial City) to 70 of Fribourg (Swiss colony - German). Our climate is mild and is almost around 19 degrees.

The U...

(21) 2741-4700 | www.urikana.com.br

Impressions: 10614 | Query: 3609

Hotel Alpina

The Alpina has a complete structure of sport and recreation with tennis court, squash court *, indoor heated pool, soccer field, game room and team of entertainers interacting with guests on weekends and holidays for anyone to stand .

(21) 2741-4999 | www.hotelalpina.com.br

Impressions: 10390 | Query: 3519

Vila Nova Parque Hotel

Vilanova Park Hotel is the right choice for those visiting Teresopolis: comfort, functionality and convenience. Located five minutes from the shopping center, with beautiful views of the Organ Mountains having 50 apartments.

(21) 2642-2930 | www.hotelvilanova.com.br

Impressions: 10382 | Query: 3509

Hotel Camponês

A 100 km from the center of Rio de Janeiro, with a privileged location, 5 min from the center of Teresopolis, you will enjoy great facilities Hotel Peasant include a delicious buffet breakfast, two swimming pools - one with pool, sauna, games room, tV rooms, the Hotel Peasant you can also enjoy a cozy family atmosphere and the wonderful atmosphere ...

(21) 2742-8003 | www.hotelcampones.com.br

Impressions: 10606 | Query: 3499

Hotel Philipp

Philipp Hotel is traditional in the city for its personalized service. Located in the upscale neighborhood and quiet while in the city center.

Source: Hotel Website

(21) 2742-2970 | www.hotelphilipp.com.br

Impressions: 10596 | Query: 3465

Country Ville Hotel

The Country Ville Hotel is located in Serra dos Três Picos, in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, in the tourist circuit Terê-Fri, permeated by the beauty and colors of the Atlantic, beyond the diversity of fauna and flora, the presence of many birds and exotic plants in an area of 15.4 hectares.

(21) 2644-8037 | www.countryvillehotel.com.br

Impressions: 10482 | Query: 3309

Center Residence Hotel

The Center Residence Hotel is facing the care executives, and has always excelled by quality service, comfort and family atmosphere.

Source: Hotel Website

(21) 2742-5890 | www.centerhotelteresopolis.com.br

Impressions: 5224 | Query: 3009

Hotel Bel Air

With excellent location and easy access to major tourist attractions in Teresopolis the Bel-Air Hotel offers its guests the privilege of having comfort and practicality at the right, and recognized tradition of quality services.

Source: Hotel Website

(21) 2644-5700 | www.belairhotel.com.br

Impressions: 5058 | Query: 3005

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