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Where to Eat?

Fast Food
Welcome to Teresópolis
Vila Sant Gallen

The village is home to different spaces St.Gallen; The Bistro 1912, the Library of the Abbey, Bierfest with games room on the mezzanine, the brewery with an option to visit, courses and even a gourmet meal and the village itself with a right to reply piece of the city of St. Gallen, Switzerland, with a chapel, gift shop, coffee shop, studio, an old...

(21) 2642-1575 | vilastgallen.com.br

Impressions: 67870 | Query: 18166

Taverna Di Olicio´s Buteco do Leco

(21) 2642-4970

Impressions: 25836 | Query: 8998


It is at the moment of the meals, around the wood stove, in the family gatherings and in the conversations that we recovered the tranquility and the calm that comes from the cooking of the farms, culinary that so much appreciated has spread throughout the national territory. The special touch comes through the seasonings that harmonize in the most ...

(21) 2742-7192 | paraisodaserra.com/sinha/

Impressions: 25665 | Query: 8784

Restaurante Don Phillipe

Through a dream, the first step was taken to carry out a project.
After much prayer, confirmation and many difficulties overcome, on September 8, 2010 is founded the Restaurant Don Phillipe.
Located in the center of Teresópolis / RJ, the restaurant was created with the purpose of providing all the regulars with an exquisite gastronomic pa...

(21) 2641-4230 | www.donphillipe.com.br

Impressions: 31084 | Query: 8436

Paraíso de Agriões

The Paraiso de Agriões Restaurant seduces by the aromas, cheerful look, and the colorful of its dishes, besides bringing the tradition, through recipes capable of enchanting and awakening the most palate palates. An explosion of flavors and influences, African, Portuguese and Indian, in more than 90 options, among hot dishes, cold cuts and desserts...

(21) 2643-2526 | paraisodaserra.com/paraiso-agrioes/

Impressions: 2447 | Query: 6174

Agridoce Café e Restaurante

Sophisticated home cooking with quality products and excellent service. All this in a modern environment and full of love.

Source: Facebook

(21) 2743-0653

Impressions: 2308 | Query: 6104

Varietá Grill Restaurante

A new kitchen floor that will win you over.

Serves lunch, dinner and drinks
Good for groups
Good for kids
Accepts reservations
Customers without reservation are welcome

Source: Fcebook

(21) 2641-6384

Impressions: 2231 | Query: 5893

Chapahall Lanchonetes

Located in the city of Teresópolis, Rj, Chapahall Cafeteria and Restaurant has as main objective to satisfy the needs of our customers, always looking for the best flavor and quality, innovating our menu each day.

Here you will find a wide variety of sandwiches and meals with varied dishes, besides having that delicious special sauce giv...

(21) 3641-1137 | chapahall.com.br

Impressions: 8044 | Query: 4069

Centro Gastronômico Recanto

The Recanto dos Pescadores is the ideal place for those who enjoy seafood.

The menu is full of delicious shrimp, fish, cod, octopus, mussels and squid with over 120 options among entrees, appetizers, salads, pasta, grills and risottos.

Such variety is intended to please the most demanding palates, combining simplicity and good...

(21) 2742-9988 | www.recantodospescadores.com.br

Impressions: 7871 | Query: 4051

Casa das Pedras

The Casa das Pedras Restaurant and Pizzeria has singular characteristics that make it one of the best options for those who are in the city, looking for a place to eat, drink and fraternize with the true art of well serve. The house offers a cozy and family atmosphere.

Source: Facebook

(21) 2743-6464

Impressions: 9504 | Query: 3785

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